For sale: One Wynter Gordon! See inside for details…

Dance-pop warrior and afro-reppin’ goddess Wynter Gordon wants your love, and she wants it now. So hand over your hard earned cash and invest in a future with Wynter‘s conditional love (single-handedly reviving the popularity of the afro requires funding you guys, so hurry up and dish it out!).

‘Buy My Love’ the third single to be lifted from the absolutely brilliant album With The Music I Die is a summery dance-pop anthem for all those who benefit from loving of the monetary kind (presumably some kind of ‘pimp daddy’). Hands down the most outright ‘pop’ moment from the album, the song sees Wynter playfully teasing (“no need to thank me baby, a credit card will do”) and at times even demanding (“we want jewels, give me shoes, give me romance!”). It’s an all around materialistic extravaganza backed by breezy synths, what’s not to love?

We here at OMFG; are massive supporters of the afro-tastic goddess and we can’t wait for the video! Be sure to check back for when the video is released. Until then continue throwing your hard earned dollars her way!

The ‘Buy My Love’ video will be released soon! Until then check out her EP ‘With The Music I Die’ which was released on the 28th of June.

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