Didn’t you know hipsters appreciated provocative hip swivelling?

Apparently there are people in this world that are ashamed to like the music they like, that’s rather concerning if you ask us. No matter where we are; be it in the shower, in our bedroom, at work, or at a very hipster backstreet café where everyone listens to Radiohead we NEVER fail to sing, shout and generally express our feelings over the greatest pop hits. Sure, the hipster with the bleached hair and twenty-five facial piercings might not appreciate our hip grinding and dutty whining whilst we scream “don’t cha wish your gurlfrahn was a freak like me, DON’TTT CHAAAAA!?” in her face, but we all know deep down inside she loves it almost as much as she loves Cher Lloyd‘s latest nursery rhyme sampling tune.


Say what you will about Cher Lloyd, but regardless of your feelings towards the X Factor’s true superstar you can’t deny her one thing. And that is that her cover of the song ‘Stay’ is so many kinds of brilliant that our head explodes a little bit whenever we listen to it.


God bless the power of the Lloyd.

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